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Hi lovelies! I hope you are all having or preparing for a wonderful holiday.

  I sometimes wonder how many people actually read my journals or have truly read my profile for that matter. I hope at least some of you have. I have seen so many journals with Christmas lists and holiday wishes and such that I thought maybe there is someone out there who would read this and understand my one wish. My wish however is not for me. My wish is not for points or art or anything such as that either.

  For those who don't know from my profile, I came here to DA at the request of my oldest child. I also run a page for my youngest child. My wish is for him.

  Harley is autistic, but to look at him you would probably not notice anything different. Couple the autism with ADHD, epilepsy, a speech disorder and accommodative spasm (a vision disorder) and things can get complicated. DA for him is somewhere he can show his pictures he loves to draw and see that others don't judge him by how he looks, how he talks or how someone his age "should" be. We all enjoy having others like our works, but to I truly cannot describe the feeling of gratitude I get for those who find his page and take the time to leave him a comment or favorite one of his works. The sheer joy that simple thing brings him is enormous.

  My daughter and I took part in a holiday card exchange this year. It gave me an idea that I am not really sure how to put together or work out. Maybe someone reading this will.

  Harley was crying a short while ago. He said he was sad that he had no one to talk to, which for him is a way of saying he feels lonely. So many of us take for granted the simple task of speech that we would never think for others is not the easiest way to communicate. I already can feel those of you asking what my point is, or reminding me that this isn't a therapy site and yes, even those few of you who may things I would rather not mention because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I already know all of that. DA is an art community so what better place to bring up this idea.... this wish for my son.

  I would love to find someone for Harley to be an art pal with. We all know what a pen pal is I hope. Well, when writing is not your best communication, why can't you exchange drawings, doodles and such instead of pages and pages of letters. Where we live I have no clue how to go about finding someone for him to do something like this with and with him attending cyber school, it lessens the options as well.

  My wish, my hope.... is that someone reading this will understand what I'm trying to do and have an idea to help make this possible. Maybe you know someone who would enjoy something like this themselves. I really don't know. I have faith that someone out there will find this and maybe help with a gift that doesn't need batteries or come with instructions or anything else most holiday gifts do...

At any rate, thank you those who read this. Those who have shown my son that all art is beautiful without having to be perfect.... I truly can never give you enough thanks. Those who may have an idea to help me, feel free to comment here or send me a note if you prefer.

Happy holiday to you all!
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December 20, 2012


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